Welcome To Earthy Diaries~Collab Blog

Hey, guys so I’ve been aloof for quite a long time and hence I wake up from my eternal sleep to announce that I’m happy to engage in a new collaboration with a few wonderful bloggers on here, as a result of which is “Earthy Diaries.” I haven’t yet had any part in it but I’ll soon be there so see y’all there. As for here, I have many drafts pending and when I decide which to publish when, you’ll see me hopefully soon. In the meanwhile, do check out Earthy Diaries and give a follow up there 🙂


Earthy Diaries

Hello fellow earth dwellers!!

Welcome to Earthy Diaries! And this is out very first post! probably guessed that, right?

This is a collab blog consisting of Anoushka, Naomi , Gelina, Devangi, Suhani, Betty and Dhriti!

Know more about these members right…here!

By now we’re all well aware of the deteriorating state of our planet, so in an attempt to do our best in hopes of making a change in our Mother Earth, we’ve all come together to create this blog!

We’re striving to save the future by raising awareness about global warming, pollution, climate change, water conservation, poverty, gender equality, good health and well-being, clean water and sanitation, reducing inequality, sustainable cities and communities, and so much more through our blog. In the battle to make our earth a happier place, we shall give it our all! But, of course, we need your…

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