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All talk about Book Characters

Hello, peeps! Guess who just woke up from their eternal sleep? Take a guess as to who had promised to be consistent during the New year but forgot soon as it came? *sighs* *embarrassed* Ugh, fine, I admit it’s me. Going on about the post, this one had been waiting in my drafts too eagerly to get posted so here it is. It’s actually a bookish tag and while I don’t rant much about books here, this is going to be a one for all post πŸ˜‚

PS. You are going to read a lot of rambling and ranting WITH MAJOR SPOILERS so if there are books you’re going to read and it is mentioned in here, don’t and I repeat DON’T read it unless you are a curious head like me. But don’t tell I didn’t warn you earlier.

The Rules:

  • Thank the person who tagged you and leave a link to their blog.
  • Mention the creator of the tag: Srishti @ The Srishti Blog.
  • List the rules.
  • Share one or more book characters you think fits into each category.
  • Tag at least 5 people.
  • Have fun!

Here are the categories:

  1. The dynamic
  2. The powerful one
  3. The smart one
  4. The intelligent one
  5. Who suffered a lot but has recovered
  6. The most loved
  7. The most famous
  8. The unique

Emma ~ Emma by Jane Austen

Okay so I feel like I really enjoyed Emma’s character development from an ignorant, proud girl who thinks she is a perfect cupid to a sensible and understanding person. But oh, I loved the drama she created with Harriet to convince/ manipulate her not to marry Mr. Martin. Peak drama is what I’d call it πŸ˜‰

Neville Longbottom ~ Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling

Neville had been a side-lined character in the first few books but there were his little moments that enhanced his development too. At first we all saw him as the quiet, coward, ‘toad-losing’ boy but his little moments like ‘standing up to his own friends’ in the Sorcerer’s stone, the fights at the Ministry of Magic while protecting the prophecy, then leading the Dumbledore’s Army back at Hogwarts against the Death Eaters while the Golden trio were up against the search for the Horcruxes to finally standing up himself to the Dark Lord and killing Nagini, I loved all of it so much. And everyone gets him at the ‘Oh he killed Nagini’ part but personally I think that part when everyone thought they had failed and Harry had died, he was the only one to come up against Voldemort, and that’s the part I like the most! Yeah enough of rambling about that now πŸ‘€

Katy ~ What Katy Did by Susan Coolidge

When I read this book, I so related to Katy because just like her, I too, hated being trapped at home, and I was always looking for ways to go out and play and I felt so bad when her leg got twisted and she could no longer move freely, that pain I felt at the start of the lockdown. 🀝 And I could feel her irritation at wanting to move about but not being able to, but she aged well from the irritated girl with too much energy in distress to taking damn good responsibility of all the house and truly becoming the ‘heart of the house’. Iykyk ✨

Jane Eyre ~ Jane Eyre by Currer Bell

I think I need to reread this book because this was the first classic book I had read and my brain couldn’t interpret the formal 1800s language much back then although I did understand the story and liked it. Having read it first, I was really happy with the “very happy ending” but now when I think about it, Jane had done all good up until leaving Mr. Rochester to becoming an independent teacher at her cousin’s school but I felt like the reunion wasn’t much needed, especially after what Mr. Rochester had done to her and how he had treated her. I think I actually need to reread and form my opinion after that, but if you’ve read this one, tell me what do you think of it in the comments.

The three March sisters ~ Little Women by Louissa May Alcott

Oh how well each of the March sisters grew from their adolescence to youth! Meg who was always jealous and envious of her rich friends, wanting to marry rich just so she could be like them turned to be a rather elegant and beloved woman who understood she needn’t be envious and settled down happily. Josephine or Jo having wild dreams of becoming a writer and chasing them. Amy being a selfish snob to a sensible spinster with wonderful social skills, it was a chef’s kiss ✨ And oh I would have loved to see Beth grow if only…


Dumbledore ~ Harry Potter series

I mean, how could he not be in this list. This man literally escaped prison from under the Minister’s nose, though you can’t deny he’s got style, I loved that scene in the movie. πŸ˜‚ He was the Supreme Mugwump of the International Confederation of Wizards and a powerful wizard, we all know it. Yeah but what he did to Harry was also ungrateful πŸ‘

Voldemort ~ Harry Potter series

A thirst to conquer death, which he almost did. Not to mention, he had great knowledge of Dark Magic and gathering a herd of loyal followers who kill people for you ain’t so easy afterall, plus people were so terrified of him that even just taking his name made people pee their pants, therefore known as the ‘Dark Lord’ or ‘He-who-must-not-be-named’. Powerful, very much?

Gellert Grindelwald ~ Fantastic Beasts

Just like Voldemort, he had the quench but not for conquering death. He quenched for power, and to rule the Muggle world, when it’s said he was even stronger than Dumbledore even though he was eventually defeated by him, he was a powerful wizard too in his prime time.

Mr. Edward Hyde ~ The Strange case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson

Isn’t the fact that he was a bloody murderer out every night killing someone brutally and couldn’t be caught enough reason to be in this list? No? But I think so, yes.

Frankenstein’s monster ~ Frankenstein by Mary Shelley

Another literal monster risen from the dead, killing people who abhorr him, with a giant body enough to just crush your soul out. Powerful and scary. Check.βœ”οΈ

Parvateshwar ~ The Immortals of Meluha by Amish

War chief, strong and powerful, loyal to his kingdom, always following the path of righteousness. I just had to include him in this list.

Professor Challenger ~ The Lost World by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Professor Challenger was rather the opposite of the famous detective Sherlock Holmes, also written by Arthur C. Doyle. He was hot-tempered and aggresive unlike the cool and collected Holmes, however, they shared the common traits of bearing that exquisite mindfulness. Though Prof. Challenger, because of his character was feared and that surely makes one powerful.


Ron Weasley ~ Harry Potter series

Ron wasn’t academically smart, but was he street smart? Yes.

Jo March ~ Little Women

I think Jo had a knack for taking the correct decisions most out of all the March sisters. Although, I will forever be mad at her for marrying Mr. Bhaer. She was such a headstrong, and witty character throughout the book, acting as my inspiration, but the ending clearly disappointed me.

Mr. Knightley ~ Emma

Mr. Knightley was a socially intelligent character. He could read people right through and often used his observations to advise Emma.


Hermione Granger ~ Harry Potter series

I don’t think we even need an explanation as to why Hermione is in this list. Because why not?

Pippa Fitz-Amobi ~ A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder by Holly Jackson

The fact that she solved two murder cases, and was also successful at hiding one definitely adds her to the list of intelligent characters. Sometimes I wish I were as intelligent as her, but without the PTSD :/

Elizabeth Bennet ~ Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen

Sure, she misunderstood Mr. Darcy at the beginning, but when she learnt about the actual truth, she did own up to her mistakes and corrected them. The book describes her as an intelligent young woman, with “a lively, playful disposition, which delighted in anything ridiculous”. She often presents a playful good-natured impertinence without being offensive.

Madame Defarge ~ A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens

I believe Madame Defarge was not only cunning but intelligent too. Her ways of hiding the names by knitting them and jotting them really impressed me.

Vasudevs ~ The Immortals of Meluha

The Vasudevs were wise sages who advised Shiva whenever he was stopped by hurdles in his quest. As to who are actually the Vasudevs, I think it’s revealed in the second book, and that reminds me that I have to finish this trilogy.

WHO SUFFERED A LOT (BUT HAS RECOVERED – I doubt I know any such character)

Harry Potter ~ Harry Potter series

He was an orphan with the burden of defeating the Dark Lord only at the ripe old age of 11. Plus he lost so many people whom he loved, was abused, even used as a tool. Eventually, he had his found family, friends and the girl he loved the most so yeah.

Frankenstein ~ Frankenstein

Charlie Bucket ~ Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl

Charlie Bucket

Charlie lived in a very poor but large family, and I felt so bad for him when I read that he only got one chocolate for his birthday which again would be split into pieces and that he was starving most of the time. Somehow, it made me realise I’m so privileged that I can sleep with my stomach full daily.

Dr. Jekyll ~ The Strange case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

He did an experiment which failed, but had a drastic effect on him. The guilt of carrying the sins of your alter ego, or rather the split personality almost got him depressed but then again, it wouldn’t have been such a wonderful story if that didn’t happen. Still, I was hoping he could have lived 😦

Sirius Black ~ Harry Potter series

Apart from the fact that he was prisoned for a crime he didn’t commit, what hurts me the most is that he didn’t get enough time with Harry. After escaping the prison, he would have expected to be free and have his reputation back but unfortunately we live in a realistic world, and sometimes the books portray the worst kind of reality.


Elizabeth March ~ Little Women

Elizabeth or Beth, was a soft-spoken but talented and creative child. I would have loved to see how she would grow up to be but she was already an angel and definitely loved much by the fandom as well.

Jane Bennet ~ Pride and Prejudice

Beautiful and kind, Jane was a darling among the masses residing in Hertfordshire.

Ravi Singh ~ A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder

He’s the perfect book guy who sticks through thick and thin with his partner while also having a respectable air of character development himself. Blame him for raising the expectations of young girls.

Newt Scamander ~ Fantastic Beasts

Credits to Alyoxy’s art on Art Station

Shy but kind, with hundreds of cute and dangerous pets, why wouldn’t one be charmed? Plus he always stands for what is right, that makes him all the more lovable.

PS. I still have to watch the Fantastic Beasts 3 😣

Theodore Laurence(Laurie) ~ Little Women

Belive me, I love him just from the books so much. Charming and playful, he was really devoted to Jo, and the way he treated Amy when she became her wife is *chef’s kiss*, while also being there for Jo as his brother.


Jem ~ Numbers by Rachel Edward

Jem had become a famous figure in her world by the end of this book, and of the ending, I’d rather not talk because it was okayish for me. This is the first of a trilogy but I didn’t like this as much to finish the whole of it.

Jane Bennet ~ Pride and Prejudice

Same reasons as mentioned above.

Harry Potter ~ Harry Potter series

By now, I’m tired but you already know how famous he is both in the Wizarding World and the Muggle πŸ˜‰


Luna Lovegood ~ Harry Potter series

I relate alot to Luna’s quirky weird character and one of my friends also believes me to be her, and isn’t she the most unique?😌

Feel free to do this tag if you love ranting about book characters and don’t forget to tag me so I can read it too✨

I think that was a long list of rambling for today so see you later with a new post. I do hope you enjoyed my rants, because I usually only do it to my siblings even when they don’t care in the slightest bit and they are tired of it :/ Have a day filled with as much adventures as a protagonist.πŸ˜ƒ



15 thoughts on “All talk about Book Characters

  1. This post smells of Harry Potter omg 🀣🀩

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Haha can’t resist the Harry Potter charm πŸ˜‰πŸ€£

      Liked by 1 person

    2. Haha – sooo much! πŸ˜‚

      Liked by 2 people

  2. i feel like this post is proof of the e de range of characters in hp hah. and lmao idk why but I hated sooooo much on that parvateshawar person in the Amish books! i just didn’t like him 😭😭

    and i really really need to get to emma. also how did I not know that she starred in that movie!!!! i love her!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I know right! There’s almost one or two hp characters for every category. Speaking of Parvateshwar, he was kinda annoying to me too but then we couldn’t question his loyalty, and I think this is a reminder for me to get to the second book soon. Also, I’ve read Emma but the movie’s still on my list, lol.πŸ˜‚ Thank you so much for reading 😊


  3. So, pretty much all your role-models are in HP books or the classics. I predict that you will save the world very elegantly, Ms Devangi. πŸ€“

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s a perfectly reasonable compliment! I would love to do that! And it’s been long, how have you been?


      1. Haha – you’re great fun; “a perfectly reasonable compliment” indeed. πŸ˜ƒ
        I’ve been much the same as I’ve always been. Up and down then up and down again. But I handle it well, if you know what I mean. How about you?

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Yeah well life is really full of ups and downs, so shaking it and gulping it down like a milkshake is the best solution we can have. I’ve been good too😊

          Liked by 1 person

          1. You have a marvellous grasp of English vernacular. 😊

            Liked by 1 person

            1. I do enjoy expanding my vocabulary, guess it’s much thanks to the books I read like a maniac. Thank you for the compliment.😊


              1. main bhee, jaisa ek pagal admi, kitaaben padhata hoon.
                (yeah, I know – my spelling is awful, but I do actually have these words in my vocabulary! I will improve. I promise.)

                Liked by 1 person

                1. Wow, you’re getting good with that. Keep going!

                  Liked by 2 people

    1. Thanks a lot! Keep visiting ☺️


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