A Wish!😇

Hi,friends! Today I want to share with you all a sweet poem which I wrote recently. I’m happy to write this since I’m writing after much time.Hope you like my poem.It is the first poem I’ve written in free verse. Usually,I write rhyming poems but this is my first poem in free verse so I apologize for any mistakes since I ain’t an expert in writing.Hope you like my poem.😇 Do like,comment and share your thoughts with me. I also appreciate negative comments,but not insulting one’s.😄Happy reading,folks!

So presenting to you my first free verse poem:

I wish all my wishes come true!


To crawl upon the stars,✨✨
And dream in the twilight of the moon.🌛
To roam the world freely,✈
Without any worries and experience happiness.😄
To see a shooting star across the night sky,🌠
And wish for all the countless things I want.😇
To be a princess very beautiful,😍

And dance away the night at a ball.:D
To sleep under the night sky,☁
And count all the blooming stars.🌌
To watch the southern lights,⛅
And wave my hands as if playing with them.😋
To see a beautiful rainbow,🌈
And imagine unicorns and fairies dancing around it.😇
To see the pole star gleaming,🌟
And thank God for his gift of wonderful nature.😄
To walk alone in the woods,😍
And collect all the strangest leaves possible.😌
To stroll along the shore,🌊
And feel the cool breeze and water.😃
So many things I wished I could do,😇
But if only did I've enough time.😞

Hope you liked my poem. Feel free to share your feedback.😄Follow my blogs for more posts.😇

Thank you for reading!


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